Christel Sadde

Christel Sadde, a creator of mobile sculptures for more than 15 years, is an artist who derives her inspiration from kinetic art and geometric abstraction. She designs and experiments with each of her mobile sculptures, perceived both as prestigious decorative objects and works of art. As meticulous as she is a perfectionist, hers is an artisanal technique with which she conceives her creations, curving into shape the misalignments with her adept hands-haunted and obsessed as she is by the dream of perfect geometry. Working in collaboration and exclusively with the best of French craftsmanship, the entire manufacturing process is particularly conscientious, right from the raw materials to the finishing touches, meeting perfectly the high standards of French luxury. Since 2008, Christel Sadde has concentrated her work on one-off creations or very limited series, numbered and signed. Christel Sadde, born in 1968, lives and works in Paris.
Pieces by Christel Sadde