Laurence Humier

After completing her engineering studies in Belgium, Laurence Humier travelled for over three years in Europe, Japan and Arabic countries. Since 2002, she works as a designer in Milan. Devices and concepts are at the base of her projects that are translated subsequently into the application of daily use. Materials, forms, functions, aesthetics are analyzed through logic, engineering, science, intuition, and play. She debuted at an international level when one of her creations, Meeting Chairs, was included in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, 2010) and the Vitra Design Museum (2014). Meeting Chairs, before becoming a system of foldable chairs, were firstly a synthesis of three distinct mechanical movements. The apparent transversality of her research, her diversity of interests, and her international works are strong points within an activity devoted to a broad sense of design.
Pieces by Laurence Humier