The Mandalaki studio was born from the friendship between Enrico De Lotto, Giovanni Senin and George Kolliopoulos, three very different but perfectly complementary personalities. The cultural diversity of attitudes and passions has its roots in the distinct formation and geographic origin of the individual members: Enrico is sensitive to experimentation and artistic value, Koli to managerial ones, Giovanni is kean on the cultural and technical aspects of the project and Davide is devoted to research. In those years the desire to experiment with light and passion for music led them to realize the artistic project Clouds, exhibited in several galleries and cultural events in Italy. The project is based on the recycling of plastic materials and the use of sophisticated theatrical technologies for the dynamic control of light. The design intent was to give a physical dimension to the light and immerse the viewer in a dynamic and vibrant luminous space. The second basic theme of the studio's philosophy is ergonomic research, specifically the development of products that respond to clear needs, felt by the contemporary user.
Pieces by Mandalaki